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A Walkthrough on Shirlee Industries Capabilities

Shirlee Industries, Inc.'s experienced manufacturing experts provide on-demand technical support. We are committed to remaining on top of industry standards by using cutting-edge equipment and technology to provide our clients with the greatest possible experience.

Whether you need mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or any other metal alloy product, we’ve got you covered. We offer

  • Sheer Mild Steel Up to 3/16 in. Thick by 12 ft. Long
  • Notch Mild Steel Plate Up to 1/4 in.
  • Horizontal Band Saw Cutting Up to a 10 in. By 10 in. Shape
  • Cold Saw Cut a 4 in. By 6 in. Shape

Punching, Stamping, & Forming

Our InstruMount™ supports and brackets are heavy gauge steel and are hot dip galvanized after manufacturing to ensure maintenance-free service. We also have other materials and finishes. We can nibble larger holes and other forms. The capacity of punching, stamping and forming is determined by the material thickness, hole size, and the number of holes.

  • Plasma Cutting (CNC) of Mild Steel Up to 5/8 in. Thick by 5 ft. Wide by 12 ft. Long
  • CNC Turret Punch Press Can Handle a Maximum Thickness of 1/4 in. And 33 Tons, With the Largest Punch Size Being 3 1/2 in.
  • 200-ton Capacity Conventional Presses With Cushions for Forming
  • Drilling and Tapping of Any Material
  • In-house Die Design, Stamping, and Shaping Tool Repair

In-House Sheet Metal Production

Our in-house sheet metal fabrication capability ensures that high-quality complex mechanical components are delivered on schedule.

  • We do Abrasive Blasting, Painting, Powder Coating, Galvanizing, Plating, and Most Other Finishes
  • We can Rivet, Screw, Weld, and Package Your Parts for a Complete Turnkey Product

Welding Services

Our certified welders are ready to meet your specifications, whether big steel constructions or delicate, thin-walled aluminum. We offer

  • Spot Welding Up to 1/8 in. Thick
  • MIG (Wire Welding) and TIG (Heliarc) Welding on Most Alloys